From Idea to live app journey

How We Work


When a client comes in our contact, we first analyze and observe the requirements of the app because it is important to understand their needs to deliver a perfect app.


After analyzing the requirements of the clients, we provide the Quote and Time limit for developing the app to our clients. We divide our projects in several Milestones and charge on milestone basis. We also charge on the Project basis. We provide both options to our clients and choose whichever suits to them. We also sign an NDA with our clients as we respect their privacy.


After closing the deal with the clients, we start creating Wireframes or Rough sketch of the app. We show it to our clients if they are satisfied with the rough look of the app or not.


After developing the Wireframes and getting it approved from our clients, we start developing the Designs for the app. We use PHOTOSHOP and SKETCH for the designing. We show the designs to our clients and check if we are on the same page or not. We get it approved from our clients and move forward to our next step.


After all the rough work, the time comes when the real work starts. We start developing the CODES and LAYOUTS for the app. We divide app development in sub milestones and work accordingly and take amount according to those milestones. Even we give update time to time so that client can track progress continuously. Now, we are almost there to the end of the project.


We can handle everything from backend side i.e API, Admin Panel and the entire Database for the app. We are expertise in all the approx all the Platforms available for server.


When we are done with the development of the app, it’s time to check all the work we have done. Our team and the client test the app. We take our client reviews and analyze if there is anything to left which doesn’t meet our client’s requirement or any bug. If we find out any bug then we immediately start working on removing it. After getting rid of every error and bugs we finalize the product with the approval of our clients.


It’s the time now. Now, the final step is to upload the app on the App Store. We Uploads the app on the app stores and the app gets live.


When everything is done from our side we give the access to repository of complete project which includes designs, codes, database and API's .