• R.I.P. Veenu. It’s such a heartbreaking news that we lost an excellent team mate and a great person. A little of us lost a sister, a some of us lost a team mate, many of us lost a friend but the most of us lost an idol, me too. We thank you Veenu for everything you’ve done. You brought the right taste to your hard work and your hard work indeed took us all many steps further. The lost can never be recovered but you own a very special place in our hearts and life. For us she never died, she just went offline.

    Pratik & Priyanka, Pairroxz Technologies
  • Veenu was not just a fantastic colleague but also she had a very beautiful heart. She was always filled with positive energy and spirit to finish the tasks she brings up on board. I was quite fortunate enough to share work desk with her. Whenever the team faced any problems, she immediately came to the rescue. Her communication skills and negotiation abilities have made her exceptionally different. She was one of the finest angels that even God wanted her back shortly. RIP.

    Hitesh Pamnani, Pairroxz Technologies
  • I am so sorry to hear this very sad news. To happen to some one at such a young age getting on with her studies is just terrible. My condolences to her family and to you all there at Pairroxz. Please let her family know that she was fantastic at her job and was always very polite and prompt dealing with me. My Dad passed away last August and I know the gap a death leaves in a family but this has really schocked me.

    Eddie, Client
  • I keep going back to her Skype messages and last we spoke on Saturday. I feel if I Skype her she will respond. I can't believe she julst vanished like that. My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

    Alex, Client